Know About The New Flame Art

You might have seen pencil and colors portraits, but have you ever seen wood flame portraits. Yes, this is a real surprise, but it is true. There are many talented artists   in the world.  The artist use flame on the wood to make portraits like real.  The technique is invented by the artist and is totally different.  The artist does not use any brush or colors to make the portraits. It’s just the flame on the wood.  The drawing is made with the blowtorch. There are videos on the website, which are interesting and totally different.  The portrait made is burning on the canvas.

 If you have started gaining interest in this surprising technique, then you must watch the videos.  There is a gallery section also available, which is a much to explore.  This way you will come to know how these portraits are made.  You will get ritratti su commissione art.

Get your portraits online

 There is no need to visit the house of the artist to get this different piece of art. You just have to post your pictures and you will get a unique piece of portrait delivered at your doorstep.  The prices are affordable.


  • First of all you will have to upload your photograph and you can do this directly from your computer. You can order your portrait right from the comfort of your home.
  • After getting the order you will get confirmation and the artist will start working on your order.
  • Once the portrait is complete it is shipped at your doorstep. You can also pay the courier when you are delivered with your portrait.
  • This is o simple and easy. If you want a different piece of art and want to impress your guest, then leave the idea of pencil portraits and get the flame art.