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There are numerous of people that are making lot of money in different fields. Making money in million makes people to be celebrities. Alexia Figueredo Echevarria serves as executive editor of Venue Magazine, a Spanish-language lifestyle and society. She is having famous husband that have maintain close track of Miami culture. She is having net worth of 30 million dollars. As you know that everyone is not born rich. There is always the story behind the people that are rich. Many people mastered the game of wealth later in their life.

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The famous rapper John Simmons is one of the biggest examples. He was found of singing in his childhood and at the age of 22 he released his album called empty heart. This album got the best album of the year and made Simmons to gain lot of money. Today net worth of 10 million dollars is what Simmons is getting. The best example of richest celebrity is the Bill Gates. He is the son of a school teacher. His net worth of 40 billion dollars is making him the richest businessmen in the world. Like this in is providing the information of all the celebrities of the world. You can see any and read about any richest person biography. The entire story that is related with the celebrities with their net worth is all you can read.