Ross Moriarty’s Challenging Introduction to Life with the Lions

Ross Moriarty has had something of a baptism of fire since joining the Lions. In a short space of time he has had to undergo gruelling fitness sessions, face the prospect of taking on the best of Irish and British rugby for a test shirt, and learn new songs. While learning new songs may not sound too harsh, the other two factors are something of a challenge!

The last few months have been rather exciting ones for Moriarty, who got a surprise call-up on his birthday to join the Lions. He was thrust straight into a group 14 of players who have been put through their paces in an effort to get ready for their New Zealand tour that kicks off on June the 3rd.

Stepping Up Their Game

For the 14 advance-guard players their training regime is designed to kick their performance up a notch. The 14, Moriarty included, have been cycling on exercise bikes at breakfast time, working on skills and organization on either side of their lunch and engaging in community singing over supper. Every member of the team has been stepping up a level, and they are committed to giving their all.

In addition to being put thorough their paces on the field and in the gym, they’ve also been watching rugby drill video tutorials such as those available at to help them refine their skills.

Hard Taskmasters

When he was asked how his introduction to life with the Lions had gone, Moriarty laughed and asked if his answer would be on record. He went on to say that it had been good, and that fitness was obviously a huge element of the training sessions, so he was pushing his limits.

Rory Best, another member of the 14, said that the hard work they were doing would pay off in the end, but it was intense. He added that there was a good mixture of physical, mental and organizational practice and that they were preparing for the test series by pushing as hard as they could.

Moriarty may have been a surprise selection for the Lions, but with the type of training he is undergoing now, he will certainly be performing at his best. The team intends to hit the ground running, and Moriarty is up for the challenge.